Wholesomely Athletic...

Stop the press! theres a new active wear on the block and its ready to convince you one avocado at a time that a plant based diet is the way forward.

Launched only last year, Wholesome culture will be a force amongst active wear competitors in 2018. Already building a sold fan base, the Canadian born brand ships out of Montreal and New york delivering a message of compassion across the world.

Its founder Audrey, explains the brand was born out of her desire to educate and promote a plant based lifestyle, although she is quick to mention that if you’re not fully vegan you are still a welcome member of the Wholesome community. As you all know, I have recently become a vegan but whilst I applaud their message, I urge you to look past the often controversial message to the good the company is looking to do.

Supporting animal rights, a large proportion of the profits will be donated every year to an animal organistation helping to combat animal cruelty, illegal animal trade and buy food for homeless animals, a message very close to my own heart. Sporting slogans such as “Eat, sleep, rescue animals, repeat”, “save aniamls eat avocadoes” and “Be one less person hurting animals”, these bold statement peices leave no questions as to where your beliefs lie. Politics asides the vests are fantastic for working out in and the hoodies are superb quality, 100% cotton and they wash up like new with each wear (and I’ve worn mine alot!)

Choose from vests, t-shirts, crop tops and leggings, all designed to help you work out with ease whilst delivering a strong message.

New lines are being added all the while and you can join in too with designs often promoted online to allow customers to choose slogans they think work the best.

Whilst shipping to the UK is still rather an expensive process, I’ve no doubt this young company will continue to expand and I urge you to check out there range and show your support whether youre a vegan, vegetarian or simply a fan of avacadoes.


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