Stop the excuses and start making Changes

Why wait to change your life?

A fantastic idea to start off this blog is to pin point the beginning of any healthy lifestyle. Notably; Taking the first step.

I have heard time and time again from clients that they will start after their holiday, or after their birthday or there is no point beginning now as its nearly Christmas.

The longer you procrastinate the harder it will be to start making those vital changes.

Why not start now? Even a little change every day will make it all the easier in the long run. There is always going to be a reason not to start, whether that’s birthdays, holidays, Christmas, surgery….whatever it may be there is no reason not to take breaks and relax every now again but don’t put off making positive changes in your life because you can feel these events looming.

If you want to lose weight there is no time like today. Start small and ditch your morning latte or make it a priority to do 10 burpee’s every day. These are small positive changes that will kick start your metabolism and when you finally decide to commit to a full on weight loss plan you’ll have already kicked some bad choices. Don’t tell me you can’t eat healthily, even if you have a birthday approaching and you don’t want to miss out on double chocolate birthday cake (and who would!) what’s to stop you ditching the chocolate on every other day except your birthday? Let me tell you….NOTHING!

If you wan to run but can’t commit to a regular training plan until after your holiday don’t worry. Do short runs whenever you can and as often as you can fit in even if this is once every 2 weeks. You will build a fitness base and develop muscles that do remember previous workouts (more on muscle memory to come) so when you start training seriously your body will adapt much quicker and it will feel much more comfortable.

Clients will often tell me they need to get a bit fitter before embarking on an exercise program but how do you expect to get fitter without exercising. Don’t use this as an excuse, instead get out there and make a change. Go for 10 minute walks every day until you feel strong enough to do 20 minutes and then push it to a 10 minute run then 20 minutes running. You’ll be up to an hour before you know it and you’ll look back and wonder why you put it off so long.

So what I’m trying to say is DON’T DELAY, there is no time like the present and why continue to feel unhappy, unhealthy and unfit when all it takes is a little bit of positive reinforcement. Good Luck!