Finding Balance- And a few muscles I never knew about.....

This weekend saw the annual Balance Festival at The Old Truman Brewery in London and myself and a couple of friends headed down to the Sunday session for some yoga, HIIT and (most important if I'm honest) freebies.

I've done a few fitness festivals and I have to admit this was one of the best so far. I made my money back almost instantly with the free samples being handed out in the market place. On the way in I decided I needed to buy vegan milk but came away with two free (full size) cartons (ka-ching!) We sampled enough energy bars, vegan cookies and protein powders to sink a ship. So much so that I was slightly worried it all might make a sudden reappearance as we headed to our first class; the notorious Barrys Bootcamp. Loved by celebrities and city workers alike, I'd heard a lot about Barrys. It wasn't quite what I expected but after 30 minutes of weights and treadmill intervals I can safely say I had a sweat on. I spent 5 minutes in the loo's drying my top under the hand dryer as I hadn't thought to bring a change with me!

Next up we took on F45 Training a circuit style class that consists of three pods of three exercises. You rotate through each pod four times repeating each exercise for 40 seconds. I teach Metafit and can honestly say I dread a 40 second rep, its so long!!!

The instructors however, were fantastic joining in on many exercises to get us through the pain and after 45 minutes of plank punches, frog squats, Bosu burpees and medicine ball squat jumps we were done! And I mean done, cooked, finished... I loved it.

I still haven't walked properly since.