Defying age, one shower at a time

As a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor I spend a lot of time sweating. I also spend a lot of time in the sun and as a result I tend to shower nearly twice a day during the week. All this wreaks havoc on your skin so I am constantly on the lookout for products that can slow down the destructive ageing process that seems to be gathering speed.

The bottle may not be the most exciting but ‘Hempz’ Age Defying, Renewing Herbal Body Wash is a miracle worker and it has the added incentive of being 100% Vegan. As many people will know I am always happiest if I can save an animal or two along the way. For a full list of ingredients to avoid visit

Hempz products are free from harmful parabens which, despite there being no official evidence against them, are unnatural chemicals that I feel are always best to avoid. They are also 100% gluten free, perfect for coeliac or anyone with a gluten intolerance as product can be absorbed through the skin causing rashes and headaches. Its always worth checking your cosmetics if you do suffer from any food intolerances.

On the positives, this gel contains algae, strawberries, cucumber, caffeine and obviously, Hemp seed oil. Vitamins a,c and e work to protect the skin from harsh environmental stimulus such as sunlight, air pollution and dehydration. The fatty acids and fibre found in the hemp seeds combine with Shea butter and rejuvenating ginseng to stimulate skin cells and flush out harmful toxins. Caffeine from ground coffee beans soothes inflammation and calms irritated red skin.

So does it work? Yes most definitely. My skin is sun damaged and dry but since using this gel I very rarely have to apply moisturiser. It is most notable on the skin on my chest, the womens décolletage where sun damage, age and inflammation are often most visible. The skin has been much smoother and firmer with a much more even colour tone.

Available from online retailer Beauty Brands at these shower gels sell for around $18.

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