30 Days to a Stronger Booty!

Four Years ago I spent one whole day filming in a studio in Stratford, London with www.healthista.com. We completed 30 x five minute squat challenge videos in 6 hours.

I was asked by the owner of www.healthista.com, Anna Magee to design a squat challenge for the Healthista readers and I jumped at the chance as being in front of the camera is something I love. Weird as I've always been quite shy.

I took to the internet to research squat challenges that were already out there, to see what worked, what I liked and how I could make mine different.

Actually I was quite disappointed with what I found, as most Squat challenges focused on simply increasing the number of squats per day. Whilst great and obviously beneficial, this sounded so boring and a great way to overuse and injure your muscles.

So I took my HIIT training and Pilates background and developed a 30 Day Challenge that literally comprises 30 different ways to squat and lunge, making sure to increase in intensity and improve on strength, power, speed and mobility. A complete squat challenge that would guarantee improvements in cardio fitness, tone of the muscles, confidence and overall body awareness.

To date, these videos have had over 44k views on you tube (although I do realise numbers get lower towards the end. It gets tough people!)

Four years later and I am running this program again, with new viewers and some who are just a glutton for punishment.

I would love you to join me too. Every day I will post the video link on Facebook and Instagram, all you have to do is login and give up five minutes of your day.

Firstly... why squat? Well besides waking up the biggest muscles in the body (your gluteals FYI) squatting burns masses of calories, and strengthens the posterior chain of the body (the back) helping to prevent injuries and making everyday activities easier.

By strengthening the quads and the glutes we can take a lot of the pressure off the back and increase mobility and balance which benefits everyone from athletes to mums to office workers.

Please wear trainers, and listen to the instructions making sure to sit back into the heels and keep your knees behind your toes. If you have hip, knee or ankle issues keep everything low impact (there should be options in each video) and please feel free to email me or comment on Instagram if you need help.

I have had a lot of messages regarding diastasic recti and the use of the program. More on this to come but for any of you who have just given birth or have given birth within the last year to two years, the workouts should be fine but keep it low impact and avoid all jumping. Stay tuned for a diastsis recti workout in the next few days to help you on recovering those abdominals but please make sure you have been signed off by your doctor before taking part.

If in doubt refer back to a basic squat position or jog in place for an exercise you're not keen on.

Above all enjoy it and please please do comment, video yourselves and let me know how you get on!

Check out my other 30 day challenges on www.healthista.com and visit www.kellydubuisson.com for more information on Pilates classes, online Skype training or 8 week online Pilates programs.